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Matthew Johnson

Eye and gaze;

Our viewpoint, stemming from infantile omnipotence, is inclined to search for bodily wholeness. We lust in a narcissistic fashion for a circuit unbroken, and therefore the dissemination and disintegration of a circuit unsettles us. The human face is good example of a circuit that should remain to our gaze unbroken.

My work then deals with the disintegration of the face and the dissemination of facial features. The process of the work becomes it’s focus, the subject is painted continuously and in doing so I hope to fully understand its circuitry. The colours are chosen and unchosen, the marks are made to represent and then unrepresent. The scale of the paintings is meant to demand the gaze of the viewer, “… the subject, unable to operate within this overwhelming field of visibility […] uses its eye to carve out a place in the world, not the whole world but the objects and images that interest it.”, Maria Walsh.

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