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Rafal Zawistowski

Rafal Zawistowski was born in Warsaw, Poland and grew up in Canada where he graduated from the BA in Fine Art at Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Canada in 2006. As part of his education Zawistowski spent a year in Florence, Italy where he exhibited his artwork as well as studying the renaissance and this still currently plays a key part in his artwork. During Zawistowski’s studies at Ontario College of Art and after graduating Zawistowski exhibited his artwork in Galleries in Canada before he decided to move to London and study a masters at Wimbledon College of Art in London. Zawistowski graduated in 2011 and later that year he exhibited at New Contemporaries where Charles Saatchi bought several of his artworks.

In 2012 Zawistowski exhibited his first solo exhibition and Charles Saatchi bought the entire collection before the private view. Zawistowski continues to exhibit his artwork through group and solo exhibitions and his worldwide collector base grows monthly!

Zawistowski works with oil paint and wax on linen and canvas and his work evokes emotion through landscape and portraiture painting. His artwork deals with notions of beauty and ugliness. and the significance of the portrayal of the human figure. Rafal gives importance to the figure or landscape by using day-glow colours to signify a once had importance. He uses his catholic upbringing and renaissance studies to play with the catholic religion in his work to add meaning to his paintings. His artwork is bright and vibrant and is beautiful and ugly through his use of impasto and encaustic paint application. Zawistowski’s artwork must be seen in the flesh to experience the full power his artwork possesses.

2010-2011 Ma Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art. London, England

2002-2006 Ba Fine Art, Ontario College of Art. Toronto, Canada.


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