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Pauline Thomas To Exhibit in Italy

Serendipity. Pauline Thomas

Pauline Thomas continues to establish herself as an exceptional international artist. She will again be showcasing her work in Italy this month. At The International Art Exhibition Europa Arte 2015

An exhibition of works of art by Italian and International artists with the extraordinary paintings of the great masters which are the property of the academy.

Pauline Thomas is once again honoured and privileged to be exhibiting alongside world renowned artist Armando Farina. Their paintings will hang alongside paintings by internationally recognised artists and paintings by the grand masters Picasso, Dali, Kandinsky, Cezanne and Matisse that are the property of the academy.

Pauline has been honoured to work with Armando Farina over the past few years. Armando is one of the elite contemporary forward thinking artists of his time. Armando painted with Picasso. Produced murals for: “Sindone ’89” in Rome. “The Angel of Turin”, a 4m x 10m work for the Sacred Museum of Cracovia. “The heart of Jesus” measuring 90cm x 90cm, and on permanent display in the Vatican. Pinacoteca.

“Stabat Mater “, a 1m square piece, within the Sanctuary of Pompeii, and several restorations carried out on various Frescoes in churches and castles around Turin and Piemonte. He has a network of galleries who distribute his paintings, who can be found in Rome, Bergamo, Milan,

Taormina, Pesaro, Padova, Venice, Paris, Edinburgh, Düsseldorf, Sydney and New York and is regularly shown at art fairs in London, Edinburgh, New York, Cannes and Dublin, among others throughout continental Europe.

The exhibition will open on the 16th April with buffet and drinks. Pauline will be exhibiting her paintings Serendipity, Focus and Conflict as part of the exhibition.

Pauline Thomas’ work is sought after by many international collectors and this demand continues to grow.

We feel that not only is Pauline Thomas’ work of the highest quality but it also provides a unique investment opportunity.

Pauline Thomas’ work still remains at a level that will allow new collectors to buy her work at a very good price and enjoy it for a lifetime.


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